Information about my Future Parking Software


The FP software system consists of 3 different Windows Desktop applications and 2 mobile applications (Android and IOS). Please note that the mobile apps are dependent on the the Windows Desktop Apps for full functionality.


Easy to use. Customers just have to scan the special FP QR Code using their FP Mobile App. There is absolutely no need for opening car windows when scanning the FP QR CODES at the gates. You can scan from the inside of your car since, car windows are transparent. Please note that users will not be able to scan the special FP QR Codes with an ordinary QR Code Scanner, for security reasons

Payment Options

Customers will have to pay using cash at a designated payment point at the mall. Customers can either pay each time they visit a particular mall or they can also pay in advance and deductions will be made. e.g "A customers pays R100 at the beginning of the month, and money will be deducted from their FP Account everytime they visit the mall". This payment system is convenient as this solves the problem of having long queues at pay points. Please note that on the FP Demonstration video, only the FP Pay As You Go method was demonstrated. Please also note that Future Parking Software System does not make use of banking information.

Internet Connection

The Future Parking system makes use of the internet for light operations. All customers will need to be connected to the internet inorder to use the FP App. Most malls have wifi hotspots, so this will cater for the customers who do not have mobile data. Public wifi can be slow, but this will not be a problem as the FP App does not do heavy operations such as streaming.

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FP Benefits

Why is the FP software a neccessity?

No credit
No banking details
No need for opening windows
No lost parking tickets
No waving at boom gates
No stretching of hand at boom gates